Common Identification Marks On Indian coins

Displayed are the “common” identification marks or symbols of various Indian Princely State, Mughals and Presidency coins. The identification marks are mostly aimed towards providing some “lead” (or hint) on hammered Indian coins. Please note that this document is not exhaustive and identification marks may differ on a case-to-case basis. Also the symbols might be crude or off- the flan to be identified properly. Please refer to some reference books such as Krauss Publication books or for more details.

This blog is in very initial state. Any Suggestions/Comments are welcome!

  1. Decorated Umbrella or Pistol ßDholpur/Gohad
  2. 4 Leaves serially organized or — Leaves ßAlwar
  3. Fish horizontal or vertical or 2 fishes ßAwadh
  4. Symbol of Samba (or Shiva) ßBanswara
  5. — Trishul/Trident Flanked by 2 “C” ßChamba
  6. — Katar (or Dagger) Facing up or Flower with 3 petals ßBundi
  7.  Flower (different styles) or Sword or “Ga” / “Ma” / “Kha” in Hindi <– Baroda
  8. Sword and Star or Dagger (Katar) and star or Only Star ßBharatpur
  9. Trishul/Trident horizontal or Star marks both obv. And rev. ßBhopal
  10. Temple ßBikanir
  11. Umbrella ßBrindaban
  12. Cross ßBroach
  13. Two parallel lines ßChotta Udaipur
  14. Like an anchor or Like inverted Number “1” in Hindi ßDatia
  15. Lord Hanuman (Monkey God) ßDhar
  16. Lord Hanuman (Monkey God) or Trishul/Trident horizontal/vertical or Star or Leaf or Sun ßGwalior
  17. Flower buds or Tiger or Trishul/Trident/Flower symbol ßHyderabad
  18. Bull sitting or Leaf or Sun or Bow and arrow or Axe or LingamßIndore
  19. Jhar Leaves with a bud on top or star or Leaf or Whisk ßJaipur (Like Kishangard)
  20. Bird or Umbrella ßJaisalmir
  21. Flag or Round ShapeßJaora
  22. Circle within circle of dots ßJhabua
  23. Leaves facing towards left ßJhalawar
  24. Sword ßJodhpur
  25. Jhar LeavesßKarouli
  26. Leaf or rectangle with a cross ßKashmir
  27. Jhar Leaves ßKishangard (Like Jaipur)
  28. Flower (3 Petals) or Star ßKotah
  29. Boat shape with one partition, Horizontal ßLadakh
  30. Cup (Vertical) ßLunavada
  31. Dagger with 2 enclosing lines ßMakrai
  32. One small flower and another flower with stem ßMaler Kotla
  33. Ankush ßMewar (Udaipur)
  34. Lion or Elephant ßMysore
  35. parallel vertical lines with one (or two) dividing horizontal line or Dagger inside a circle ßNawanagar
  36. Circle and line (like “I” with “O” on top) (Mace) or Flower in a crescent ßOrchha
  37. Like a Arabic “2” with twisted side ßPatiala/Nabha
  38. Sun or Spear ßRadhanpur (or Sunth)
  39. Number “1” in Deva Nagari or Lion ßRatlam
  40. Flag ßSailana
  41. Bow and Arrow ßSirmur
  42. Trishul/Trident ßSitamau
  43. Leaf (2 layers) or Leaf (2 Lines) ßTonk
  44. Six pointed star or or Shankha (conch shell) ßTravancore
  45. Parallel vertical line or Trishul/Trident ßKutch
  46. One or two Spear(s) ßRampur
  47. Bull Standing ßVijaynagar/Nagas of Narwar
  48. Heart shape with “4” on top or Weighting ScaleßEast India Company (British India) Different Presidency
  49. Crown ßDanish India / India-Denmark
  50. Cross ßPortuguese India
  51. Goddess Kali Standing or “VOC” logoßIndia-Dutch
  52. Flower (logo) or Crown (crowned lis)ßFrench India
  53. Star or Star ßBengal Presidency
  54.  (Muhammad) Like a snake vertical or horizontal ßSuri Dynasty
  55. Like a Snake or “S” ßBengal Sultans
  56. Like 2 leafs ßJaunpur Sultans
  57. Parallel horizontal and vertical lines or knot ßGujarat/Malwa Sultans
  58. Heart with 3 compartmentsßHumayun (Mughal Empire)
  59. Like a Number “9” vertical or horizontal and/or Heart with a line in between or Heart with 3 compartments or the name “AKBAR” ßAkbar (Mughal Empire)
  60. Big and bold like on the middle of coin and/or the name “AKBAR” or two flipped “J”ßJahangir (Mughal Empire)
  61. “Noor Jahan” symbol (part of word “jahan”) ßNoor Jahan or Jahangir (Mughal Empire)
  62. Like a Number “9” vertical or horizontal or Part of the name “Shah”ßShah Jahan (Mughal Empire)
  63. ß(Alam) Aurangzeb/ Shah Alam /Alamgir II (Mughal Empire)
  64. ßJahandar (Mughal Empire)
  65. ßFarukhsiyar (Mughal Empire)
  66. Like combination of “C” and “S” — CSßMuhhamad Shah (Mughal Empire)
  67. ßAhmed Shah (Mughal Empire)
  68. “Cha” in Hindi/Marathi ßMaratha Conf.
  69. star inside a crescent (half circle) ßNawab of Ahmedabad
  70. Sunflower and/or flag ßBijawar/Chhatarpur
  71. Mumbai Pres Flower Mint Mark <– Bombay Presidency
  72. tughlak   ”Tughlak” <– Tughlak, Delhi Sultan
  73. Lodi Dynasty Delhi Like a “9” then “1” and then Arabic “5” <– Lodi Dynastry (Delhi Sultanate)

Reference: Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 6th Edition (pages, 636 – 710)

The World of Islam – Oriental coins and their values by Michael Mitchiner

And various other websites

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